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What to Expect

The process

Procedures for services may vary depending upon each client's individual needs. 


  •  Contact CCEC by phone, email, or through the direct contact link to set up an initial consultation appointment  

Initial Consultation Call

  • During this initial call the family is able to share the issues at hand and ask questions of the process. This allows CCEC to have an initial understanding of the issues and needs and determine if consultation services are appropriate.​

Evaluation of Needs

  • Once a family has entered into a contract, CCEC meets with the family and when appropriate the student, to collect a full history and identify strengths and  weaknesses. CCEC will review all transcripts, reports, IEPs or 504 plans and any testing  evaluations. Additionally, CCEC may speak with any teachers, counselors,  or that may have information to share,
  • In some cases, CCEC will refer you to other specialists for further evaluation (e.g. testing). After a thorough and complete examination, we will offer options for your review.


  • Upon determination of needs, CCEC presents a list of recommendations to best meet the student and families needs. Pros and Cons will be discussed.  Upon selection, the family is responsible for submitting all necessary paperwork with the program.

Ongoing Support and Followup

  • CCEC is always available for continuting support and services.  
  • Before, during and after an enrollment CCEC maintains open communication with families and schools/programs to ensure the needs of the student are best being met.

Aftercare Planning

  • The consulting contract includes assistance for transition and reunification after a residential school or program. CCEC is able to recommend aftercare providers and services in the local area. 

Carolina Collaborative Educational Consulting